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    Freelance Visa for UAE from Turkey

    Setting up a business or starting a freelance business in UAE is now easier than it was previously. Due to the striking measures made with the economy’s expanding prominence, freelancers find it relatively affordable to operate in UAE with a Freelance Visa for UAE.

    We have been assisting all people who have moved to UAE with the purpose of starting their own business or working as a freelancer. Our responsibility is to assist and make it easier for freelancers in many sectors who apply for a work permit and freelance visa in UAE and obtain them in a timely and hassle-free manner.

    What is a Freelance Visa for UAE from Turkey? Difference between freelance visa, work permit and license?

    A freelance work permit in UAE is a license that allows a person to work as an independent contractor or freelancer. The freelance work permit is ideal for anyone moving to UAE on a parent’s or spouse’s visa. Individuals who wish to work as a freelancer to boost their income after moving to UAE but are not sponsored by their spouse or parents must apply for a freelancing visa.

    The UAE freelancing license is a residency permit that allows an individual to live and work as an eligible freelancer in the UAE. This license must be renewed every three years.

    Who May Apply for a Freelance Visa for UAE from Turkey?

    If you intend to pursue any of the following professions, you are eligible to apply for a freelance work permit or visa in UAE: scriptwriting, acting, reporting, digital marketing, independent journalism, education training or consultation, customer support service, graphics designing, video editing, and web designing and development. After acquiring the freelance work permit and visa, you can engage in a variety of other freelance activities in UAE without difficulty.

    Benefits of a Freelance Visa for UAE from Turkey

      • Flexibility: the ability to work as a freelancer for a number of organizations in the same industry.
      • Affordability: Aside from the lower establishment costs, there is no requirement to rent or acquire a business location in UAE to start working as a freelancer.
      • Work Flexibility: With a freelancer visa in UAE, you can work as an independent contractor for a variety of business organizations or firms within the United Arab Emirates. The license permits you to easily enter the free zone’s business area.
      • Sponsor Family Members: If you have a genuine freelance visa and work permission in UAE, you can sponsor your family members to move to UAE and live with you.

    How to Get a Freelance Visa for UAE from Turkey : Steps Involved

      1. Fill out a freelancer visa application.
      2. Submit all required documentation (CV/Resume, Passport, Visa copy, and Bank Reference Letter).
      3. Submit a letter of no objection (NOC) from your UAE sponsor or employer.
      4. After applying for a work permit online, always follow up.
      5. Apply for a freelance employment visa online once you have received your freelancing license/permit.
      6. Following the filing of your freelancing visa application, you must complete the resident visa formalities in order to get a residency visa, the validity of which is only three years from the date of issue.

    What are the Prerequisites for a Freelance Visa for UAE from Turkey?

    Indian citizens have a wide choice of options for the industries in which they want to work from all of the free zones. Once that decision has been made, applying for a visa is a relatively simple process. A vast set of documents is also not required to apply for a freelancing visa in UAE. The following records, however, are required: 

    • Passport photocopy
    • Passport size photograph
    • Visa Page from the last time you travelled

    What Can I Do With a Freelance Visa for UAE from Turkey?

    The UAE freelancing visa holder may engage in a variety of activities such as: 

    • Obtain Employment in the UAE or Dubai
    • Provision of your services to both individuals and businesses.
    • Working as an independent contractor for individuals or businesses is a possibility.
    • Collaboration with government agencies is an option.
    • Get fairly compensated for your efforts and services.

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    More Information regarding visas can be found on the official UAE Website 

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    What exactly is a Freelance Visa for UAE from Turkey?

    The Freelance Visa in UAE is a permit that allows you to lawfully remain in the UAE, work in your personal capacity, and provide professional services as a freelancer or independent contractor to various companies.

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